Photograph © Dr Nipu Jayatilleke 2017

Photograph © Dr Nipu Jayatilleke 2017

Helpful links for patients

In this digital age, it’s liberating to be able to access so much information at the touch of a button. However, navigating it all with a new diagnosis can be overwhelming. Here are a few trusted websites that will help you begin to take control of your journey.

Cancer Australia is a Government site that has some very useful information about Breast Cancer, including all aspects of treatment, and support organisations.

The Breast Cancer Network Australia is an organisation for people who have had breast cancer, and for the families and friends who support them. There are several free, helpful resources available here.

The Cancer Institute is a NSW Government organisation , and has some general information on cancers, including breast cancer, and the research being done into them.

The Cancer Institute also has an overview of breast cancer in Australia.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation is an entirely public funded national body that funds research into breast cancer. It has lots of fundraising ideas, and a fundraising shop.

The Cancer Council is a cancer advisory body, which has some useful overviews and summaries about breast cancer management.